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Anonymous asked: First, YouTube 'Shockmaster.' Second, Ryback or RuPaul? Third, Happy Easter.

1. Well. That was… interesting. Wikipedia proved useful. 2. YOU BITCH. 3. Happy Easter to you as well, Ghost-pal!

Anonymous asked: Colt Cabana or Ryback? JUST KIDDING ;( As far as that Hugh G. Rection goes, you're veering off into G.I. Bro territory. Tread lightly.

First, don’t tell me how to live my life! 

Second, don’t underestimate my love for Ryback. :D

Anonymous asked: No good?

Anonymous asked: I'm anonymous. Think of me like a ghost, or a pin pal :)I meant to add an additional "?" to that last question to make it more Hugh Morris. I respect your decline and stance on deeming question unfair, but you can see how that was a serious question. It's a tough one.

After a quick Google, I refuse to refer to Morris as anything other than General Hugh G. Rection.

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Anonymous asked: Colt Cabana or Wolverine?